Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory

The Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory (AWPI) is an adaptive version of the Work-related Personality Inventory (WPI), a questionnaire that measures aspects of a candidate’s work-related personality.

Advantages of adaptive testing

  • The candidate will always receive the questions that are most relevant to them
  • The questionnaire takes less time to complete (three times faster, on average, than the traditional WPI)
  • Contrary to traditional questionnaires, the AWPI also provides accurate estimates of relatively high and low scale scores.

Sample question AWPI

Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory


The AWPI can be used in any situation where it is important to gain insight into a candidate’s personality, in both selection and consultation scenarios.


The questionnaire is based on the “Big Five” personality theory and contains the same items as the thoroughly validated and COTAN-approved Work-related Personality Inventory (see also the WPI’s manual). Contrary to the traditional WPI, the AWPI is an adaptive questionnaire.

Adaptive testing

To develop this adaptive questionnaire, we conducted extensive research to determine what information each question provides regarding various personality traits. In practice, this means that filling out the questionnaire is a much more pleasant experience for candidates. They will hardly encounter any “duplicate” items that enquire after the same characteristics and they will finish the questionnaire up to three times faster. Read more detailed information about the methodology.

Example of the graphical overview of the results

Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory

Example of the graphical overview of the indicator

Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory