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Career tests

At various times in your career, you need to make important decisions. A career assessment can help you shape your thinking: Which education suits me the best? Which career options are best aligned with my competences? What gives me energy? Where are the opportunities? Do I have management potential or not? A good career assessment provides insight into these issues.

Ixly management

Are you looking for a career assessment

“… for yourself?

You can take a serious career assessment with a career consultant. These professionals are listed in the Register of Career choice Advisors (in Dutch).

You will shortly be able to take a complimentary career assessment here.

“… for your clients?

The Ixly Test-Toolkit provides career consultants with a broad range of qualitative questionnaires and career assessments, with which every customer question can be answered.

Professional Career assessment

  • Solid Theoretical Grounding
  • Reliable and Valid
  • Broad Standard Groups
  • Broad Package of Recruitment Tests
  • Affordable Quality

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  • The interest questionnaire for Tasks and Sectors gives a good indication of the kind of tasks you would like to fulfill, and the sectors in which these tasks can be found. That offers interesting touchpoints to find a job.
  • Interest assessments are typically part of a career choice test, but sometimes it is also synonymous. When you’re looking for an interest assessment, be sure to check the interest assessments.

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