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An appropriate pricing structure
For organisations and consultancy firms

The rates are made up of three components. Use the components that match your services. Need advice? You can contact us via chat, email or telephone.

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For assigning tests and retrieving reports.


HR consultants and freelancers

€ 0,-

per month

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Small agencies or internal HR departments

€ 54,60

per month

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Consultancy firms and large organisations

€ 176,80

per month

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Assessment Platform

Streamline the candidate experience around your assessments and coaching with the Assessment Platform.

Per user

(HR advisor, coach, etc)

€ 17,50

per month

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Per candidate or employee

€ 3,50

per month

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360 feedback

Get access to the 360 platform with a licence that suits your needs.


For consultancies that use it externally


€ 18,-

per consultant per month

  • € 36,40 per 360 assessment
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For organisations using it internally

€ 47,-

per month

  • t/m 10 users - € 47,- p.m.
  • t/m 25 users - € 91,- p.m.
  • t/m 50 users - € 140,- p.m.
  • More users on request
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