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Innovative solutions for HR

Proper effective HR processes are crucial to the success of organisations; working with the right people who match the organisation, people who commit and develop. We examine, measure, advise and help you to streamline these HR processes.

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Recruitment and Assessment

Streamline your recruitment processes so that candidates automatically receive and provide the right information. Apply pre-employment screening and assessment. Keep an overview of candidates. Find out more about the Process-Toolkit.

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Streamline HR cycle

Facilitate and automate your HR processes with the Process-Toolkit: intake, development, performance reviews, and e-learning. All in one digital personnel file.

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Competency management

Together with you, we design a behavioural model of the organisation and request feedback on all levels with the 360-Toolkit. Integrating this in the HR cycle creates a powerful approach with actual improvement of competencies.

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Performance Management

Provide your employees and managers with continuous insight into the achievement of goals.

Big data, but relevant big data!

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Talent Development

You use 360 Degree Feedback and Management Assessments for Talent and Management Development. Where are your talents? How can you further develop them?

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Career Assessment

The test programme Intake Career Path indicates which approach would work well for a candidate. The Career Scan answers the questions: Who am I, What can I do, What do I want.

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