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About Ixly

Ixly helps you make better decisions. Our e-assessments, tests and questionnaires offer support in issues such as: Which people best match our organisation? How can I develop myself further? Which career steps could I take? Which positions suit me? How can I find a job as quickly as possible?


Ixly Quick Facts

  • Publisher of professional online psychological tests and questionnaires.
  • Proposition: a broad range of modern, affordable and quality tests and questionnaires for Assessment and (Career)Development.
  • Webportals: for assessment and development testing. for collecting and administering 360 degree feedback to help job seekers find suitable jobs
  • Founded in 2005 by Diddo van Zand
  • Ixly is ISO-9001 and ISO-27001 certified
  • Ixly develops its own psychometric tests and publishes tests by other test developers.
  • Tests are available in: Dutch and English and increasingly also in French and German.
  • The major tests were assessed by Cotan
  • 20-25% market share with assessment agencies
  • Partner for a increasing number of organisations for E-Assessment and Career portals.
  • Ixly conducts its research autonomously to evaluate and improve the quality of its tests.
  • Project based collaboration with several universities for research purposes: Erasmus, VU and UU.
  • Ixly has a team of about 30 people: advisors, psychologists, statistics and methodologists.