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Free Practice Tests

Would you like to practise for your assessment? You can! Below you will find the full range of completely free practice tests by Ixly. Please note: the tests are examples and for practice purposes only. The assignments used for your assessment will differ from the examples given.

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Figure Sets

In a selection assessment, you will usually have to do ability tests that often include Figure Series. On this page you can take a free version to get an idea of what these tests are like.

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Verbal Analogies

Another section commonly used in a selection assessment is Verbal Analogies. You can do a free version on this page.

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Digit Sets

Digit Sets is often the final part of the ability test included in a selection assessment. You can practice Digit Sets here.

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Flow Charts

Flow charts is often used inselection procedures for specific job positions where the understanding of complex, process-based systems is important. On this page you can find a short free version for practice.

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Logical Reasoning

The Logical Reasoning test is often used in selection procedures job positions in which (complex) texts and spoken words must be understood. Think of lawyers, policy makers and journalists. You can do a free version on this page.

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