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Intelligence tests

Intelligence has many definitions, but the heart of the matter is that it enables you to solve a range of problems quickly and adequately. You can think swiftly and effectively. That is also a reason why intelligence tests are popular with employers for staff selection purposes. When employees are able to resolve problems quickly and effectively, an organisation is likely to perform better on average than the competition. Intelligence tests consist of various sub-tests, often verbal, numeric and figurative. Your results are compared to those of many others, often on the basis of level of education. In this way, it is easier to assess whether your cognitive ability is in line with your educational level.

Intelligentie test, IQ test

Intelligence tests in Test-Toolkit

The Test-Toolkit offers a broad range of intelligence tests, also known as capability assessments. These tests are used by assessment agencies and large companies in staff selection procedures. The systematic deployment of intelligence tests forms the very basis of a successful organisation because – on average – it employs more capable people.
Many of our business associates who apply systematic tests perform structurally better than their competitors.
We can advise which intelligence tests are best suited to various positions and the level required for an optimal performance.

Professional Intelligence tests

  • Solid Theoretical Grounding
  • Reliable and Valid
  • Broad Standard Groups
  • Broad Package of Recruitment Tests
  • Affordable Quality

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