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Ixly B.V. Privacy Policy

Ixly B.V. and its clients develop tests, applications and services designed to optimally inform and advise people and organisations about questions related to personal and professional (career) development and recruitment and selection. Ixly B.V. and the Controller clients deem it of the utmost importance to carefully deal with your privacy and personal data. Ixly has ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (Dutch AVG). We explain in the Privacy Statement how Ixly B.V. deals with this and what your rights are.

Who processes this data?

The processor of this data is: Ixly B.V., KVK 30204565, Kantoorgebouw De Blend Vleutensevaart 100, 3532 AD Utrecht, The Netherlands, 088-4959 000, 

For what purpose do we process your personal data?

We provide you and/or our clients regarding personal development, HR policy, career development and the recruitment and selection of personnel. The controller must inform you regarding the purpose of the data processing in your situation. 

Which data do we process?

Non-personal data 

We collect anonymous information that cannot be used to directly or indirectly identify users ("non-personal data"). Non-personal data may include various forms of technical information, including information about your device, browser type, screen resolution, device type, language settings, version and type of operating system, browser cookies, API key, geolocation (not specific enough to identify a city or town), screen size, aggregated data log files from servers, and session information. 

Personal data

This concerns information provided by you to us, increased personal data, such as name, age, training, educational level, email, place of residence, date of birth, (email) correspondence, your actions in our applications, such as traffic and local data. The tests and questionnaires contain various types of information inter alia regarding your competences, intelligence, behavioural data and personality. The purpose is explained for each questionnaire. For special questionnaires data can be requested related to your vitality and health. It is made clear in advance which questionnaires this applies to and your permission will be requested separately. The controller organisation can also include tailor-made questions in our applications and must inform you of this.

Why do we use this information?

We mainly use this information to provide you and/or our clients with the requested services. Furthermore, we are constantly working to improve our tests, applications, and services. For that reason, we conduct continuous research to verify whether our tests and reports are still up to date and are achieving the desired results. For this purpose, non-personally identifiable information from tests, surveys and other data such as scores, reports or the manner in which you use our application may be anonymously analysed and processed. It goes without saying that we operate in accordance with the applicable GDPR guidelines on privacy, security and data storage and that we do not store this data any longer than necessary for the aforementioned purpose.

The right to access, transfer or rectification or removal of the personal data

You have the right to access, transfer or rectification or removal of the personal data. If you wish to make use of these rights you can address the controller, or as the case may be

Use by third parties of personal data

Ixly B.V. does not provide personal data to third parties. The controller must request your permission for sharing information with third parties, including their clients. In exceptional cases, however, Ixly B.V. will be required to share information: when legally obligated to do so, e.g. to comply with a court order, subpoena, legislation, legal procedure or other request from the government; to exercise or protect the rights, property or personal safety of our company, our users or others; to detect, prevent or otherwise deal with fraud, security issues or technical problems;

For some applications, we use analyses from third parties such as Google Analytics and Hubspot, in order to provide our services and conduct analyses and research. For more information about how your data is collected and processed, please visit Google's website via 

Read more about how your data is collected and processed by Hubspot via 

The data concerning you that we collect is stored on external cloud service providers such as Salesforce and Amazon AWS. The data storage region is set to Europe and, where possible, with a preference for the Netherlands.

Read more about how your data is collected and processed by Salesforce via 

Read more about how your data is collected and processed on the website Amazon AWS via

Duration of the saving of the data

We store your data as long as necessary for us to provide our services to you. Any information we store longer than this is stored in a way that ensures the data cannot be traced back to you. When information is no longer needed, we will delete it with the help of measures designed to protect the information against unauthorised access or use.

Information is deleted or anonymised when it is no longer needed for invoicing and until the end of the period during which the invoice can legally be contested or payment can be demanded. Location information is stored insofar as and for as long as we need it to provide a service to you.

Cookies, direct marketing and the provision of information about services are stored for as long as necessary for conducting these activities or until a user opts out of such use of their information in accordance with this privacy policy. Miscellaneous information will be stored for as long as we deem this necessary for the provision of our services. 

Security is an important concern for Ixly, and we have taken various measures to protect your data against unauthorised access, loss, misuse or alteration by third parties. Ixly meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 standards, of which security and privacy are key aspects. Ixly's continued compliance with these standards is frequently evaluated through internal and external independent audits. Although we do everything we can to store the information in a secure environment that is not publicly accessible, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of the information during its transmission or storage in our systems. Although we aim to maintain the integrity and security of our network and our systems, we cannot guarantee that our security measures will prevent hackers from illegally gaining access to this information. We cannot give any guarantee or accept any liability for, and nothing in this notice may be construed as an explicit or implicit guarantee against, the loss, misuse, unauthorised access to, publication, alteration or destruction of data.

Ixly B.V. cannot be held responsible for the privacy policy and practices of other websites, even when you visit such websites via links in our applications or are directed there via our website. We recommend that you consult the privacy policy of any website you visit and contact the website's owner or administrator if you have any questions.


Via our website and applications, cookies are placed on your device by Google and Hubspot as part of the Analytics service. We use these services to monitor and receive reports about how visitors use our website and our applications. Google may share this information with third parties if Google is legally obligated to do so or insofar these third parties process the information on Google's behalf.

For more information about how your data is collected and processed, please visit Google's website via

Read more about how your data is collected and processed by Hubspot via

The Test Toolkit and the Process Toolkit do not make use of the services of Google Analytics. Hubspot's services are only used on our website (, not in our applications.

Changes to this Privacy Statement

Ixly B.V. reserves the right to update this privacy statement at any time. Any changes will be posted directly on our website at 

We are not liable for any damage resulting from changes to this privacy statement.

Contact point for vulnerabilities

Are you an expert and have you discovered any vulnerability in our systems? In that case please help us by reporting this vulnerability to  In that manner we can together improve the security and reliability of our systems.

Miscellaneous rights

If you believe that we are acting in violation of the provisions of this Privacy Statement, you can contact Ixly via 

You have the right to submit a complaint to the Data Protection Authority. You can do so by completing the complaints form on the website of the Data Protection Authority. We would appreciate it if you first inform your controller or Ixly BV about your complaint by sending an email to 

If you have any questions or remarks about our Privacy Statement, feel free to contact us via

Last updated in february 2024