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Name changes to the Career values scale


Coming up with the right name for the scale of a personality questionnaire is a challenge in itself! The scale name needs to reflect its full width and breadth. In addition, the name should generate the correct association so that it is intuitively understood. Some of the chosen names appeal immediately to the imagination while others are harder to place. Repeated comments about a particular scale name is all we need to zoom in on the name and review its effectiveness. That is the case with some of the scales of the Career values questionnaire.

Hectic changes to Dynamic

The criticism we received regarding the use of the word ‘hectic’ in the Hectic scale on the Career values questionnaire focused on candidates with an average score who felt themselves insufficiently reflected in the name. They enjoy a bit of everyday to and fro but to call that ‘hectic’ is too much of a good thing. The word Dynamic proves to be a more neutral term in which many candidates see a more appropriate reflection of themselves.

The definition of the Dynamic scale is as follows: This scale refers to the motivating potential of hard work, a lot going on, and working in a busy environment. Those who achieved a high score wish to be part of a hectic environment in which they can experience the reality of working under pressure where much is asked of them. Those who scored lower express a preference for a quieter, less dynamic environment. Sample answers are: “I relish the chance to work under pressure” and “I enjoy having a thousand-and-one things to do at the same time.”

Attention changes to Profiling

We also received criticism regarding the name of the Attention scale. Candidates saw the name as a cry for personal attention and did not see their situation reflected in the name of the scale. At issue in this scale is the question of whether you wish to profile yourself and lead from the front. A more positive name has therefore been developed: Profiling.

The definition of the Profiling scale is as follows: This scale refers to the need to be the centre of attention and to actually receive that attention. Those who achieved a high score enjoy leading from the front and being the centre of attention. Those who scored lower prefer a more modest working profile in the back office. Sample answers are: “I enjoy having all eyes on me” and “I relish making an impression on others.”

More appropriate naming process

These two name changes in the Career values scale hopefully mean that the professional user can benefit from the naming definition in the questionnaire and that candidates see themselves more accurately reflected in their answers to the questionnaire.

Any further suggestions with regard to the improvement of our questionnaires? Please don’t hesitate to let us know!