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Team Leadership Competence Questionnaire

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The Team Leadership Competence Questionnaire (TLC-Q) is a questionnaire of competences that enables you to map a manager’s leadership style, competences and motivation. The TLC-Q was developed on the basis of research into team leaders’ management competences. At issue here are primarily the competences important for direct leadership of a team. The scope of this questionnaire is hereby more focused than in the Quinn Management Roles inventory, which also has an executive and external focus.


The TLC-Q is primarily used in management training sessions, management audits and coaching where the quality and competences of team leaders and team managers is under review.

Three angles

Each competence is examined through three angles, namely:

  1. How well? This is the self-assessment of command of the competence.
  2. How often? This question clarifies whether this competence is actually being called upon at this moment.
  3. How much fun? This clarifies the motivation to call upon this competence.

People oriented and task oriented

The dominant management style becomes apparent by examining the degree to which both the people-oriented and task-oriented competences prevail.

Talent and motivation for current challenge

The questionnaire examines which three objectives are currently crucial for taking the team to the next level. These can be related to the competences that are of importance.

Because the questionnaire also provides insight into the motivation and the command of these competences, it is possible to give feedback regarding the degree to which the team leader currently possesses the appropriate competences or is motivated to develop them.


  • Reasoning: Being able to deliver strong arguments in a debate and present them convincingly.
  • Coaching: In the team leader role, being able to stimulate team members and coach them in their development.
  • Consulting: Being able to involve team members in discussions and ask them appropriate questions to reveal and understand their goals and interests.
  • Supervising: Being able to set norms and guidelines, to check whether they are adhered to and take corrective measures if necessary.
  • Delegating: Being able to adequately transfer responsibility to team members by giving clear instructions and creating the facilities and conditions to do so.
  • Empowering: Being able to delegate decisions to and show confidence in team members.
  • Representing team externally: Being able to present and profile the team to external parties in a representative manner.
  • Generating: Being able to develop innovative ideas and build constructively on ideas of others.
  • Inspiring: Being able to involve team members in ambitious plans and develop their intrinsic motivation to achieve the set goals.
  • Representing team internally: Being able to present and profile the team within the organisation in a representative manner.
  • Supporting: Being able to pick up the signals of team members and respond adequately while offering support.
  • Structuring: Being able to structure workflows in order to manage roles and processes

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