This integrity test provides insight into the way candidates deal with moral dilemmas. The Test Toolkit offers two more Integrity tests to test candidates on integrity. These are: Moral Values  and Open Integrity TestsThese Integrity tests can be used separately or in combination, depending on the context. 

The integrity test “Dilemmas” indicates which decision one makes when facing dilemmas. Candidates are presented with different dilemmas and about five follow-up questions for each dilemma. These are in four categories, which are:

Making choices:AvoidingversusClear
Applying rulesFlexibleversusStrict
Taking responsibilityLowversusHigh


Interview protocols and training interview skills
Integrity is a sensitive issue in a job interview or assessment. You do not want to put candidates off, they deserve respectful treatment. It is therefore recommended that you use good interview protocol and to train your recruiters in this.

Example of a dilemma