The Test-Toolkit is a modern web application that can be used to professionally give tests:

A wide range of questionnaires and tests

Valid and reliable

In your own styling and branding

Easy to use

Competitive pricing

Used by renowned assessment agencies and organizations

The Test-Toolkit offers a wide range of tests and questionnaires with extensive report options: Personality, Intelligence, Simulations and Integral Testing Programmes


Easy to use

Use your own styling and branding

Extensive reports with report options

Edit report texts

And much more ….

From self-employed to multinational, always an affordable subscription. With an occasional subscription you only pay for the tests. Do you use a lot of tests? Get an intensive subscription and receive a 60% discount on the use of tests.

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Tests can provide insight for many HR processes: Recruitment, Pre-Employment Screening, Selection, Talent Development, Management Development, Career Coaching, and Outplacement.

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