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Professional, reliable & valid

The Test-Toolkit is a modern web application that can be used to professionally give tests

  • A wide range of questionnaires and tests
  • Easy to use
  • Apply your own styling and branding
  • Competitive pricing
  • Used by renowned assessment agencies and organizations
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Easily assign tests

Assign candidates tests effortlessly, so they can start straight away. 

Request, edit and share reports

Request candidate reports and edit them. Share the report easily with your candidates. 

Combine reports

Combine all the reports of a candidate in one PDF.

Keep an overview of all candidates

You have all your candidates in one overview. In which you can see which candidates still need to start, are working on or are already finished with their tests. 

Set the styling yourself

Use the styling of your organisation.

Advanced options

Get more controle over the process by adjusting the system to your wishes. 

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We help more than 650 organisations


All tests and questionnaires for HR professionals. The test from the Test-Toolkit can be used in many different situations.


Interested in the Test-Toolkit, but want to try it first?

  • Pre-Employment Screening

    Tests can be useful in the pre-selection process of candidates. Self-selection, or selections by intelligence, values or personality can all help to determine who is the right candidate to interview, but also add meaning to the interview.

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  • Selection Assessment

    The Assessment is often based on Personality, Motivation and Intelligence. These tests have been assessed by the COTAN testing commission in the Netherlands. Additionally, a wide variety of more specific tests can be used.

    Here you can find all tests available. Do you want to try out the Test-Toolkit for free? You can do so here.

    A large number of renowned assessment agencies in the Netherlands and abroad use the Test-Toolkit. 

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  • Talent Development

    Integral Testing programmes, such as the Career Scan and Talent Development Assessment, are practical points of reference for Talent Development. In addition, there are plenty of tools available to discover and develop Talents.

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  • Management Development

    Discover your management talent with tests and 360 feedback. Boost their development with Quinn Management roles and other leadership tests.

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  • Coaching

    Tests and questionnaires underpin your coaching process. Questionnaires about fulfilment, career values, personal flexibility and thinking styles provide you with more information about your coachee. Additional information is provided through 360 degree feedback.

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  • Training

    Tests can be used to provide direction and insight and can enrich your training. You are quickly provided with much information about your participants. Tests such as Communication Styles, Thinking Styles, Team Roles and Talent Development Assessment are regularly used in a training programme context.

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  • Outplacement

    The testing programmes Career Development Path Intake and Re-integration Intake indicate the outplacement approach that would be appropriate for a certain candidate.

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