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For the psychologist

Science based
Reliable and valid

You cannot conduct a proper assessment without good tests. Using evidence-based instruments increases the quality and predictive value of assessments. With the tests of Ixly, you can design any kind of assessment. Selection, development, coaching as well as career assessments.

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All the tests you need
for your assessment

Our tests and assessments provide you with solid and innovative instruments for all your assessment programs. Easily manage these programs with the possibilities of the assessment portal.

  • Comprehensive instrument portfolio
  • Choice of concise numeric & graphical reports or detailed textual reports
  • Scientifically substantiated and COTAN reviewed
  • Report tailored toward psychologists
  • Advanced psychometrics with adaptive questionnaires
  • CGDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified


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COTAN: the Dutch Committee on Tests and Testing

COTAN is the only Dutch body to assess the quality of tests. They employ a comprehensive assessment framework based on five points:

  • Theoretical basis: is the test based on a scientifically substantiated model?
  • The comprehensiveness of the manual: is the meaning and limitations of a test clear to its users? Has the development of the test been described in a comprehensive and thorough manner?
  • Norms: are the test norms based on a relevant and sufficiently large sample?
  • Reliability: are the constructs measured with sufficient reliability?
  • Validity: can the intended conclusions be drawn and do they possess predictive value?

Our most important tests have been reviewed by the Cotan and have been found to be of quality. This evaluation is relevant, especially for psychologists, because of the professional code.