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Online Assessment

Assessment tests are increasingly taken online. A web application provides a candidate with an access code for various tests. The candidate then fills in the tests online. They can do this from their home or at work. Online tests may also be taken at the Assessment agency. The advisor then usually requests the reports so he can use them as part of the Assessment.



Online testing is most of all practical. Personality questionnaires especially are often made at home prior to the assessment day. This gives good results as well. Capacity tests are usually made under supervision as your goal is to get candidates to perform optimally without allowing them to cheat. The best way to make sure they don’t is to have them take the test under supervision.
As a supplier of online tests we see the advantages of online testing every day. Tests can be made everywhere, without installation fees. Scoring is done automatically, without the risk of human errors, increasing the test’s reliability. But it requires a computer. When large numbers of people have to be tested at the same time, a paper and pencil test might be preferable.


Consultancy firms often use multiple test suppliers. The Test-Toolkit offers a broad range of online tests. Click here for an overview of all tests.

Clicks & Face-to-Face

Often a candidate will fill in several tests online which are added to the tests the assessment agency does. These may also be online tests, the only difference is you take them at the assessment agency’s offices. The Face-to-Face interview are usually made at a client’s company or at the assessment agency. An Assessment is therefore usually a combination between Clicks and Face-to-Face contacts. A full online assessment, including interviews via Skype, is still rare.

Self-assessment online

A complete online Assessment, without any mediation by an advisor, is increasingly popular. The popularity of testing is enormous. Tests are offered to employees on HR portals or a company’s intranet. Various websites also offers tests. But often these are hardly proper Assessments. Usually they will help you gain self-insight rather than evaluate your qualities. Which should really be the purpose of an assessment.