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Improve with 360 degree feedback

Use 360 degree feedback to improve the performance of yourself, your employees, managers and teams

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Convenient Ixly settings

Get straight to work with a number of frequently used Ixly competence sets and questionnaires that are readily available in the Toolkit.

Workflow management

Determine the feedback frequency and set reminders.

Reports per level

You can compile reports on all levels: per person, team, location and function type.

Powerful questionnaire builder

You have much freedom in structuring questionnaires. Determine the competence sets to be used and set response options and degrees.

Create your competence sets

You can upload your own set of competences or skills and request feedback on them.

Easy to use

Simple dashboard for employees and managers.

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Feedback is a powerful tool on all levels: for an individual, a team and an organization. You know where you stand, how others perceive you, what you are good at and how you can develop further.


Interested in the 360-Toolkit, but want to try it first?

  • Organizational Development

    How does the environment perceive the organizational qualities and values? Which job groups contribute to customer satisfaction? Which manager achieves excellent team performance? The 360-Toolkit will provide answers to these questions.

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  • Personal Development

    Feedback helps you on your way: you know where you stand, what your strengths and weaknesses are.

    This allows you to constantly improve your competences, and in doing so, to improve your career prospects and job security.

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  • Management Development

    360 feedback provides insight into the management potential of your organization. Managers can improve themselves by receiving information about their competence, preferably on a continuous basis instead of once a year.

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  • Coaching

    Feedback provides insight. As an (external) coach you have more information available from the environment, which allows you to be a better coach. 360 is a powerful motivator and also offers the possibility to turn your value as a coach into visible results for your client.

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  • Training

    360 feedback is ideal in baseline and effect measurements for training programmes. In addition, it provides your participants with insight regarding relevant competences. It is a powerful method for effect measurement of communication training.

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  • Career Development

    Successful careers are based on self-reflection. Feedback allows you to check your self-image by confronting you with the image others have of you.

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“ 36% of the companies are currently working on predictive projects. This is evident from research conducted by Ixly into the application of HR analytics at 50 large companies."

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