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“Blocks” is a psychometric game. Psychometric games measure psychological concepts using gaming technology. Candidates enjoy games and find it motivating, as being immersed in a fast-paced brain teaser doesn’t feel like taking a test. Not only are games more enjoyable for candidates, they produce more data in a short period of time.

“Blocks” is based on a neuropsychological test called the “Tower of London” (Shallice, 1982) and measures planning, a cognitive skill that allows us to think about how a certain goal can be achieved. This includes thinking about how the goal can be achieved, which steps must be taken, in what sequence, and how this should be carried out.


“Blocks” consists of a tutorial and 30 levels. At each level, the white block should be dragged to the finish. The candidate starts each level with a certain number of stars, with every move costing them one star. In some levels, the number of stars can be increased by grabbing more. This way, the candidate can make extra moves or earn more stars. The goal is to solve every level with as many stars as possible. 


“Blocks” can be applied to all topics where an understanding of planning is important, both in selection and consultation scenarios. Planning skills play a key role in less routine work. Every new task or project requires an action plan. To successfully reach a goal, it’s important to think about how to begin, which steps need to be taken, and in what order.

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