Reaction Time and Concentration Test

Reaction time is the time interval between the presentation of a change and the appropriate response to that change. We have two kinds of reaction time tests that measure speed of reaction and ability to concentrate: The Reaction Time and Concentration Test and the Selective Choice Reaction Time Test.


A specific reaction time may be a requirement for some roles or tasks, for example, driving safely in traffic. As such, these tests are useful for roles in the transport sector or in addition to a fitness to drive test.


Reaction time is dependent, amongst others, on the level of concentration while carrying out the reaction time task. That level of concentration usually varies over time. That is why the report also captures the sequence of the reaction time throughout the test in addition to average reaction time and number of mistakes made.


There is a change after every task, following which the candidate must click as quickly as possible.

Example task Reaction Time and Concentration Test