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Assessments, buy them or make your own?

This is an easy ‘Make or buy decision’: just look at the lowest number of assessments done in any quarter in the last three years.

Over 30 Assessments?

Did you exceed 30 Assessments per quarter, then you might consider administering your own Assessments. Doing it yourself may have other advantages as well: gaining expertise within your organisation and being able to respond faster to any changes in your profile. The Test-Toolkit offers a broad range of professional tools you can use to start your own Assessment Centre.

Fewer than 30 Assessments?

Did you score fewer than 30 Assessments per quarter? Then you should probably not start your own centre. All too often we see organisations who build their own centres during growth periods, only to cut back when recessions hit them, which is never profitable. In that case you are better off using an Assessment agency.

Starting your own Assessment Centre

When you do at least 30 Assessments each quarter it makes sense to start your own centre, both to save money and to contribute to the know-how in your organisation. We offer high quality and affordable tools through our Test-Toolkit. We can also train your HR advisors or psychologists is how to use the tests and advise you on how to embed them into your selection processes.

We also see that a lot of our clients choose a combination of doing it themselves and putting the tests out to third parties. The inhouse centre is then used for assessments that occur frequently while higher positions and special questions are left to specialised agencies.