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Assessment Tests: parts of the assessment

Which tests are part of the assessment? The phrasing of each assessment may differ but the content usually consists of a combination of these assessment tests.

Personality questionnaires

These provide an insight to personal characteristics and the extent to which competences can be developed. Big Five questionnaires are most commonly used, as well as questionnaires which focus on motives or management styles.

Intelligence tests or capacity tests

Intelligence tests can predict performance and are relatively cheap. Therefore they are often used as a pre-selection instrument before resorting to more expensive tests such as simulations and interviews.

In-depth interviews

Besides the ‘normal’ job interview, in-depth interviews are often also part of the procedure. They allow specific focus on your competences through the competency interview, or might focus on your knowledge and skills. Sometimes a thorough review of your underlying motives or personal development might be part of the process.

Simulations or role-plays

You are assigned a specific role which you can study in order to use it in a role-play with an actor. These are often ‘difficult’ conversations, such as negotiations, disciplinary conversations, complaint management, in which you are pressured so you can show your skills.


An In-tray is a special exercise, usually focussed on management competences. You will get a role instruction and a set of documents (letters or emails) which require your decisions. This provides insight into your skills. In-trays are usually done using hardcopy, but digital versions are becoming more commonplace.

360 degrees feedback

Development and Career Assessments are sometimes supplemented with 360 degree feedback and self-analysis exercises. These allows insights from your environment to become part of the assessment. This can be done for content reasons but it also helps the acceptance of the assessment. This tools is less useful in selection assessments.


Professional HR advisors can use the online tests in the Test-Toolkit to create an assessment program.