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The Sales Assessment is an comprehensive test programme designed for personnel selection purposes for positions that have a sales component. The assessment consists of the following combination of validated and reliable tests:


The aim of the Sales Assessment is to examine the personality and motivation of the candidates that apply for a sales position, both for inbound as well as outbound sales. The Sales Assessment is primarily implemented for selection but also provides insight into the future development of the candidate.


In the Sales Assessment report, scores are given for four different sales roles: market researcher, client researcher, consultant and account manager. Sales-oriented competencies are indicated in the reports and they also give a representation of the type of team contribution of the candidate. Based on this, an assessment is made about the added value and compatibility with an existing or future team.

Composition of the Sales Assessment Report

The interpreted score of the underlying competencies for the four roles:

  • Market analyst
  • Client researcher
  • Consultant
  • Account Manager
  • Team contributions
  • Competence Indicator

Sample Sales Assessment Report


The report is an excellent tool to identify proficiency for certain competencies of a candidate as based on his/her personality and motivation. The tool also provides key points for further development and can be useful when compiling a team.

Tips for selection with the Sales Assessment

Most advisors use one, sometimes two interviews to discuss the results of the Sales Assessment. Initially, the focus lies specifically on discussing the competencies. Here, the personal characteristics are considered; 'Who am I?' and 'What am I capable of?' in relation to the required competencies of the sales roles. Subsequently, you may decide to further discuss the development possibilities, or, in the case of a sales selection, the team roles. This will provide a guiding principle for the third step: the recruitment process.

Development tips from the Sales Assessment

In addition to the test results, the development tips in the report are also highly useful. These tips provide the advisor with some strongholds to support the candidate in further development, if the candidate so desires. The development tips form a good foundation for a possible follow-up interview.

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