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The Competence Test Selection is an integral test process intended specifically for personnel selection purposes. In addition to this test in which the adviser/recruiter can select competencies relevant to the role, there is also a Sales Assessment for selection of personnel for commercial sales roles. Both tests consist of the following combination of validated and reliable tests:


The Competence Test Selection is used by internal and external career advisers, from independent contractors to large organisations. The objective of the test is to assess the candidate’s personality and motives against specific competencies required for a particular role. The adviser can select the competencies relevant to the role, and to be included in the report, from 29 competencies. This assessment is primarily used for selection, but also provides points of departure for the candidate’s development.


The report includes a comprehensive competency analysis. This analysis reflects the candidate’s competency scores based on the personality profile and motives. This shows how the candidate scores on the desired competencies relevant to the role. The process contains a total of 29 competencies. Based on personal insight, the adviser then selects the competencies to be included in the report.

Structure of report:

  • Competency Indicator
  • Score-dependent interpretation
  • Individual competency scores, segregated according to scores from the supporting WPI-I and CV-I questionnaires
  • Development tips for each competency

The reports are an excellent tool for evaluating the candidate’s potential in relation to specific competencies based on his/her personality and motives. In addition, the instruments offer tools for further development and an aid for team configuration.

Tips for selection with the Competence Test Selection

Most advisers discuss the results of the test in one, or sometimes two sessions. In the first instance, the focus is primarily on discussion of the competencies. One could elaborate on the personal attributes; ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What are my abilities?’ relative to the required competencies. In the second instance, one could opt to elaborate on the opportunities for development. That serves as a guide for the third step: the outcome of the recruitment process.

Development tips

In addition to the test results, the development tips are a strong point of the report. These tips provide the adviser with tools for supporting the candidate in terms of continual development, if he or she wishes. The development tips provide a good basis for a potential follow up interview.

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