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  • Factsheet Rally

“Rally” isn’t a traditional test, but a fast racing game. Using gaming technology, this psychometric game measures response time and response inhibition. After stepping into the car, the candidate must react to instructions to steer left or right. Playing a game turns an assessment into an experience. Not only are games more enjoyable for candidates, they produce more data in a short period of time when compared with traditional tests. 

This game is designed based on the neuropsychological test called the flanker task (Eriksen & Eriksen, 1974). The flanker task is used in psychological evaluation and science to measure response inhibition. Response inhibition is the ability to suppress behaviour that is not appropriate (anymore) or is unnecessary. Without inhibition, people give in to their impulses, habits, reflexive behaviour, or surrounding stimuli. That’s why inhibition is important for purposeful work. This game also measures response time - the speed at which you react to changes in the environment. This could, for example, be in traffic.

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“Rally” begins with a tutorial, before starting the game itself. This game requires the candidate to step into the car. Along the way, the candidate sees five arrows appear on the windshield. The centre arrow indicates the direction of the bend ahead. The candidate is then expected to steer as quickly as possible to the left or right and avoid spinning out of control. It is a pleasant drive in the beginning, with a turn here and there. Later in the game, staying on the road and maintaining control of the vehicle becomes increasingly challenging. 


“Rally” can be applied to all topics where an understanding of response time and/or response inhibition is important, both in selection and consultation scenarios. For certain positions or tasks, a specific response time may be required, for example positions in the transport sector. Monitoring inappropriate responses is relevant on the job on a day-to-day level. For example, not to get distracted from the work because of incoming emails or talking to colleagues. Response inhibition contributes to working more efficiently. For certain professional groups, being able to suppress impulses is particularly important for the job, such as those working for the police or fire brigade department, the military and in security.

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