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Personality Colours

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Personality Colours is a short personality questionnaire that assigns colours to the most important character traits.

Test | Personality Colours


Personality Colours provides insight into the personality of a candidate and what it will be like to work with that candidate. Qualities, pitfalls, work and communication styles are all examined here. The questionnaire will reveal how a candidate is inclined to act and it will give advice on how someone would and would not like to be treated by others. The questionnaire is broadly applicable and can be used as a main starting point for personal and professional development. Primary fields are coaching, training and (organisational) development. We do not consider this questionnaire to be suitable for selection. We prefer to use the Work-related Personality Questionnaire.


It is our ambition to offer quality, reliable standardised personality questionnaires that are easily legible and provide useful information towards gaining insight into personality, collaborative style, work style and communication. To this end, the scientific basis of the Big Five model is combined with a more practical presentation of the results. To come to this representation, we use the circumplex method, which means that a combination of factors are considered. The results that are represented in the report are always based on combinations of the highest and lowest scores.

Sample colour model for the role of ‘Relaxed Communicator’




In this questionnaire, much attention is bestowed on the descriptions found in the reports so that these will be personal, striking and concise.

In the report, you will find the following chapters:

  1. Qualities– An overview of your qualities and strengths based on some of your main personality traits.
  2. Pitfalls– Overview of your pitfalls, learning points and possible challenges.
  3. Your style of work – How do you tackle your work? Which tasks suit you? In which work situations do you thrive?
  4. Communication style– How do you convey information? How do others interpret your information? What is the best way for others to communicate with you?
  5. Correct approach -What is the best way for  your colleagues and superiors to approach you? How can others help you to avoid pitfalls? How can others help you to stay motivated and efficient?
  6. Incorrect approach  What is the worst way for  your colleagues and superiors to approach you? Which tasks suit you less? What demotivates you? Which leadership style does not work for you?

Example style of work of a ‘uniting leader’



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