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Nurse Selection

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To select good (student) nurses and to prevent the dropout of student nurses, we have developed the Nurse Selection programme.

Because the dropout rate, sometimes over 30% for various job roles in health care was problematic, we conducted extensive research. From September 2005 to December 2008, we conducted a survey of 260 pupils from 16 health care institutions, who were studying the secondary or higher level of the BBL option of the nursing qualification. The aim of this research was to determine the predictive value of a number of personal characteristics of student nurses for the degree of success in their education. It appeared that a number of scales gave specific predictions for the dropout of student nurses and also scales associated with good performance.

This Selection programme has been developed on the basis of these results. The programme contains the WPI-N and the CV-I. Together the scores on personal attributes and career values determine whether a person will perform well in the nursing profession. On the basis of the personal attributes a SWOT analysis is created. The competencies in the programme have been identified to be important for the student nurse by experts in the field of nursing.

Besides competency scores, the possible dropout risk factors and the chance of developing the required nursing skills are detailed in this report. You therefore have a good chance to select suitable (student) nurses and to prevent dropouts by specific guidance.

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