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Moral Values

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  • Factsheet Moral Values

This integrity test provides insight into underlying values ​​that are relevant to integrity. The Test Toolkit offers two more Integrity tests to test candidates on integrity. These are: Open Integrity Tests and DilemmasThese Integrity tests can be used separately or in combination, depending on the context. 

Moral Values ​​are the sixth personality factor, alongside the other Big Five personality factors. People with low scores on Moral Values ​​have a greater risk of integrity violations. This has been confirmed in academic research. Moral values addresses this sixth factor with the following sub-categories:

Manipulative versus Honest
Superior versus Modest
Flexible versus Stable
Materialistic versus Immaterial values


Interview protocols and training interview skills

Integrity is a sensitive issue in a job interview or assessment. You do not want to put candidates off, they deserve respectful treatment. It is therefore recommended that you use good interview protocol and to train your recruiters in this.

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