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Communication Styles Inventory

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Reinout E. de Vries (VU University Amsterdam) and Angelique Bakker (University of Amsterdam) have laid a scientific foundation in the communication styles. Similar to the Big 5, they researched the factor structure of communication styles. The result is the CSI, the Communication Styles Inventory. We are honored that Ixly can issue this questionnaire. The CSI measures the following six communication styles:

  • Precise (P)
  • Expressive (X)
  • Verbally Aggressive (VA)
  • Willing to Discuss (D)
  • Emotional (E)
  • Impression Focused (IM)

Application with Assessment

The CSI offers additional information about personality and motivations, especially for the Assessments of managers and Sales positions. The communication styles managers use have a decisive influence on the culture in an organisation. Angelique Bakker’s thesis shows that the communication style as much impact on employees and their effectiveness

Application with training

For training in the areas of Management, Sales and Communication the CSI offers a great starting measurement. During the training you can then respond to the way someone handles different communication situations such as giving and receiving feedback, correcting and presenting.

Example question Communication Styles Inventory


Insight in your Communication DNA

The CSI provides insight into the communication DNA, which styles do you tend to use? This gives a thorough picture of your communication style. That would give you an insight into the way you compose yourself in different situations and what effects this may have. Are you precise and concise in your communication, or rather verbose. Are you expressive? To what extent are you aiming to make a good impression?

Example graphs of some results




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