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Adaptive testing 
The Adaptive Career Scan is the adaptive version of our Career scan. Adaptive questionnaires are a new generation of questionnaires based on the Item Response Theory (IRT). The major advantage is that adaptive questionnaires can be completed up to three times faster, while retaining the same level of reliability and validity as traditional questionnaires. For example, the Adaptive Career Scan can be completed in just 30 minutes and provides a comprehensive overview of a candidate’s personality, motivation and interests, compared to the 70-90 minutes it takes to complete the traditional Career Scan.

The Career Scan is a comprehensive testing programme which is intended for reintegration, outplacement, mobility and career guidance. It provides insight into the important questions: who am I, what do I want and what are my abilities.
The Career Scan combines validated and reliable tests:


The Career Scan is applied by internal and external careers advisers, for self-employed persons to large organisations. The purpose of the Career Scan is to create awareness about their own qualities and capabilities. This can then lead to career moves, but also to better development in their current job positions. The Career Scan is therefore used for development, career advice, mobility, reintegration and outplacement.


In the report you will find a complete competence analysis. Firstly, the candidates’ competence scores based on their personality profile (talent) and their self assessment are compared. This indicates core competences and potential. Next, the candidates’ talent for the competences is compared to how motivating the competences are to the candidate. This indicates which competences provide energy for the candidate, and which pose a challenge.

The report of the Career Scan is an excellent tool to obtain self-insight and ideas about the functioning and further development of the candidate. Each chapter concludes with appropriate reflection questions. To give tips for developing the competences of the candidate, a link to a page containing development tips, for each competency, is given at the end of the report.

The report consists of the following chapters:
A. Who am I?
B. What do I want?
C. What are my abilities?
D. Competence analysis

Career steps with the Career Scan

Most consultants use two or three conversations to discuss the result of the career scan. The first session is mainly focused on the personal characteristics; ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What are my abilities?’ The second session is generally more focused on ‘What do I want?’ the motivations and interests of the candidate. This provides a guiding insight, from which to take the third step, planning of the next career steps.

Reflection questions in the Career Scan

The reflection questions in the report are a strong point in addition to the test results. The consultant can give the report and the candidate can go over the results on the basis of the reflection questions. This provides the basis for the follow-up conversation.

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