Team Role Indicator

The Team Role Indicator questionnaire provides insight into the personal preference role or roles within a team. This questionnaire is based on Dr. R. Meredith Belbin’s team role theory. Research indicates that the best results are achieved by well-balanced teams, in which team members with various personality traits supplement or correct each other. In addition, it is likely that someone will claim one or two preferred roles, irrespective of the formal job description.

This questionnaire has been redeveloped, whereby the questionnaire has been improved by means of more unambiguous statements. The names of the roles have been amended to be more useful in coaching sessions.

The team roles

  • Specialist
  • Netwerkor
  • Coordinator
  • Quality controller
  • Entrepreneur
  • Team player
  • Thinker
  • Do-er
  • Monitor


The questionnaire can be administered in groups, creating insight into interpersonal cooperation. When the questionnaire is used individually for career advice, it indicates the role an individual plays within a group.