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Competencies, competency language and competency profile
Competencies, competency language and competency profile

What are we talking about when we talk about competencies? There are many concepts formulated as competencies. We will clarify the concepts in this section.

Competencies are clusters of effective behaviours, whereby one question or one behaviour indicator is a specific description of effective behaviour. For example: ‘persuasion’ is the name of the competence and “uses arguments to which the other is sensitive” is one of the associated behavioural indicators. The behavioural indicators must be described specifically, so that they can be assessed by a manager/superior or colleague.

A competency framework is a coherent model for describing the effective behavior in an organisation, consisting of competencies, definitions of these competencies and behavioural indicators. There are different competency frameworks available, such as general standard models or models that are developed specifically for an organisation. In addition, competency framework or models can be broken down into job positions.

A competency profile is really just a set of competencies and behavioural indicators for a particular job or for a particular application. So, a competency profile for a job position can only be about the relevant competencies for the job.