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Professional instruments for incidental use

As a sole trader, you want to deliver your services to your clients independently and innovatively, without the need for large investments in advance. You can do that with Ixly’s web applications.Modern and innovative Tools with low start-up costs and flexible pricing!

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Ixly tooling


As an independent contractor, you can have a professional package of tests at your disposal. You can thus offer full assessment programmes.


The Test Toolkit offers a number of specific questionnaires for coaching, such as the Interpretation questionnaire, Career Values, and Communication Styles. The 360 Toolkit provides a benchmark and allows you to monitor the development of your coachees.


360 Feedback is a good option for benchmarks and performance measurements. Your participants can see where they stand immediately. Your clients are clear on what value you offer. 

Organisational advice

You can predicate and flesh out projects in relation to competency management, sustainable employment and appraisals.

Career guidance

The Career Scan, Career Programme Intake and Process Toolkit offer the perfect means for presenting your work more effectively and efficiently in respect of outsourcing, reintegration and internal career development

Ixly for you

  • Test Toolkit: a comprehensive arsenal of valid and reliable tests for assessment, coaching and career guidance.
  • The 360 Toolkit enables you to help individuals, teams, and the whole organisation gain an insight into their competencies.
  • The Process Toolkit enables quick and easy design of web portals for managing your services and HR processes and which reflect your own vision.
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