You want to manage your HR processes in an effective, innovative and efficient way. Ixly’s web applications offer you the ability to do this. No significant investment is required in advance, get started straight away!

Test Toolkit: comprehensive portfolio of valid and reliable tests for selection and development.

360 Toolkit: develop individuals, teams, and the whole organisation based on insights into competencies and performance.

Process Toolkit: quick and easy design of web portals for managing your services and HR processes and which reflect your own vision.

Pre-Employment Screening for recruiting the right candidates.

The implementation of (customised) tests helps you engage with suitable candidates. Interviews have greater depth and support decisions. Read more in the case studies:

    E-Assessments for selecting the right candidates

    The Test Toolkit enables easy implementation of psychometric tests. You can select based on personality, values, intelligence or competencies.

    Competency and performance management with continual feedback

    As an HR professional, you want to make a strategic contribution to the organisation. The 360 Toolkit provides you with a system for giving continual feedback and measuring performance at all levels.

    Talent Development with 360 and Assessment

    Developing the talent of employees is a key factor for success. As an HR Manager, you wish to have smart and innovative tools at your disposal for doing this.

    Promote internal and external career development

    You wish to retain talents within your organisation. Promotion, and sometimes turnover, can be desirable and essential. The Talent Assessment and Career Scan test programmes are examples of instruments that can help you gain a greater insight into opportunities and obstacles. 


    Talent Development Assessment