Psychometrics are essential for HR analytics

Psychometric instruments provide objective, qualitative, and relevant data which considerably enhance your HR analytics. The focus in psychometrics is mainly on the employee. Individual employee information on an aggregate level is what enables you to better underpin your HR strategy:

Understand what the ‘best fit’ personality traits are and which intelligence level is desired for specific roles.

Discover which combinations of factors result in employees strengthening your organization and which weaken it.

Gain insight into which traits are essential for managers to allow others to develop within your organization and to create engagement.

Become aware of those factors resulting in employees leaving your organization prematurely.

U krijgt grip op de factoren die ertoe leiden dat medewerkers uw organisatie vroegtijdig verlaten.


We guide you in the use of data to carry out your desired HR strategy in four steps.

Business Challenge

When setting up HR analytics and psychometrics it is important to start by formulating your business challenges. What are your challenges in the HR field? Which processes need improving? Which objectives do you have regarding recruitment, retention, and motivation of talented employees? How would you like to achieve lasting employability? Perhaps you have already answered these questions. We can help you to fine-tune your challenges and can work with you to define what role HR analytics can play in this.

Continuous improvement

In collaboration with your HR team we give meaning to the data. The results of the analyses give input and direction to the desired actions. Based on the results, targeted interventions can be developed which allow the organization to grow and increase human performance.

Data Hub

Your business challenge determines what data are relevant. If you would like to prevent undesired employee turnover, then career plans, exit interviews, engagement and the match with company values provide interesting data. We can enhance this information with data from other sources such as your personnel management systems. Together with our IT department you will build a data hub which combines and provides access to the availa-ble, desired, and anonymized data from various sources. Naturally, you remain the owner of your data.

Visualise & Analyse

Infographics provide a direct overview of relevant data giving you real-time feedback on your objectives. Outliers are easily spotted and you can zoom in from the highest to the lowest organizational level. In addition, we build models with which we test hypotheses, for instance about the factors which affect your business challenges. We develop predictive HR models, tailored to your organization and setting. Policy decisions become quantifiable based on this information.

Ixly, your data science partner

Ixly has been using psychometrics to help people and organizations achieve their objectives for more than 15 years. We provide excellent psychometric questionnaires and tests that are independently validated by scientists. We strive to contribute to employee happiness by providing organizations insight into the factors and investments which contribute to engagement, performance, and best use of people’s qualities. Our aim: Happy People, Happy Customers, Successful Organizations.

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