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Competence test

A competence test provides information about your talent for certain competences and the degree to which you currently command these competences. If you wish to measure talent, it is better to use personality questionnaires. Use the 360 Graden Feedback to measure your current level. We would recommend a comprehensive assessment of the EVC procedure to gain a sharper insight into your competences. The Test-Toolkit offers a range of instruments to this end.


Which Competence tests do we offer?

Professional users will want to base a competence test on a number of different assessments and interviews. The Test-Toolkit offers a wide range of high-quality professional questionnaires and assessments to this end. The personality test, for example, has been assessed by Cotan as one of the two best tests in The Netherlands. Professionals can apply for a complimentary demo to become acquainted with these instruments.
360 Graden Feedback can also be used as a competence test. Ixly offers an expansive online test system for 360 degrees feedback with its 360-Toolkit. You can start a competence test quite simply there.

Professional competence tests

Many complimentary career assessments are available on internet. A true professional will want to use questionnaires that are not publicly available. And this is what the Test-Toolkit offers!

  • Solid Theoretical Grounding
  • Reliable and Valid
  • Broad Standard Groups
  • Broad Package of Recruitment Tests
  • Affordable Quality

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