A capability assessment is a test of your intellectual capacity; your cognitive ability. An intelligence test consists of various capability assessments with different problems. It is often a combination of a verbal, numeric and figurative test. Assessment agencies and large companies use capability assessments during recruitment processes in order to make a selection of candidates with the ability to think things through from the pool of job seekers. These tests have become popular because they provide an indication of ability to resolve various problems quickly and adequately. Organisations that apply these assessments systematically do better on average than their competitors.

Capability assessments in the Test-Toolkit

The Test-Toolkit offers a broad range of capability assessments. Assessment agencies and larger companies apply these tests during staff selection processes. By applying capability assessments systematically, you lay the foundations for a more successful business because you simply employ better people on average. Many of our business associates who apply capability assessments perform structurally better than their competitors.

We can advise you which capability assessments are most appropriate to various job openings and the level required for optimal performance. Apply for a demo or contact us on 088-4959 000.

Practising capability assessments

It is worth taking the time to prepare yourself properly for a capability assessment. You can take various tests online. You can read here about how to approach a capability assessment and the strategy behind these tests. There are various sites where you can prepare by practising.

Professional capability assessments

Many complimentary career assessments are available on internet. A true professional will want to use questionnaires that are not publicly available. And this is what the Test-Toolkit offers!

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