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Capability assessments

A capability assessment is a test of your intellectual capacity; your cognitive ability.

employability duurzame inzetbaarheid

Capability assessments in the Test-Toolkit


The Test-Toolkit offers a broad range of capability assessments. Assessment agencies and larger companies apply these tests during staff selection processes. By applying capability assessments systematically, you lay the foundations for a more successful business because you simply employ better people on average. Many of our business associates who apply capability assessments perform structurally better than their competitors.

We can advise you which capability assessments are most appropriate to various job openings and the level required for optimal performance. 

Professional capability assessments

  • Solid Theoretical Grounding
  • Reliable and Valid
  • Standard Groups from lower secondary education (VMBO) through to university education
  • Kwalitatieve testen die jou en je kandidaat helpen
  • Broad Package of sub-tests
  • Affordable Quality

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