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Work-related Personality Inventory Manual

The Work-related Personality Inventory, the WPI, is a personality questionnaire that is developed for the Human Resource Management (HRM) by Ixly[1]. The WPI consists of five factors, subdivided into 25 scales.


First, this manual will focus on the concept of ‘personality’ and the theoretical background of the WPI. Following this, the development, norms, the reliability and validity of the questionnaire will be discussed. Finally, the application of the questionnaire, the interpretation of the results and which conclusions one can draw from the results will be elaborated on.

Read all about:

  • Development
  • Norm development
  • Reliability
  • Application, interpretation and use
  • Validity

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Work-related Personality Inventory Manual

[1] Ixly (previously Orga B.V.) is a publisher of online instruments and is dedicated to the development, research and publishing of questionnaires and tests for the HRM profession. These are distributed via an online application.