Why do an Assessment?

Compared to other countries assessments are popular in the Netherlands. Why? Several reasons which explain this popularity include:

  • To prevent mis-hires

Assessments are used to predict a candidate’s job performance. From a company’s point of view this is an important motive for including it in their selection process. By limiting the chances of mis-hire and discovering their employees’ talents and using these in the best way possible, they literally increase their value for money: On average performance will increase without any changes in salary cost.
This was also proven from a scientific point of view. When (large) companies consistently use assessments this will increase their success.

  • Using talents

As job types vary, so do employee’s performances. Therefore performance depends on personal competences, intelligence and effort. An Assessment provides insight into and employee’s talents so these can be applied in the best way possible.

  • Increasing competition

The increase in international competition requires organisations to eliminate weaknesses. Everyone has to perform optimally. Yet letting an poorly performing employee go is always more expensive than doing an Assessment in the hiring process.

  • The end of lifetime employment

Employees increasingly change jobs. This leads to an increase in situations which require testing.

  • What does a degree mean?

Degrees no longer guarantee a person’s intellectual abilities, often candidates who have a certain education level prove to have very different intellectual abilities in real life. This is one the reasons intelligence tests have increasingly become part of the selection process.

In short, there are plenty of reasons to use an Assessment as part of the selection procedure! Would you like our take on whether your organisation might benefit from an assessment centre? Please contact us on: 0031 88 4959 000