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Talent Spectrum

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The Talent Spectrum is a short personality questionnaire that offers quick insights into a number of important personality traits. A comprehensive report facilitates feedback on a number of relevant competences.


The Talent Spectrum is especially suitable when a short, compact personality analysis is required. The Talent Spectrum is often used with younger candidates because of the limited time it takes and the B1 language level of the items. The report is easy for candidates to read and can be used in training sessions and workshops.

Talent Spectrum Example



The questionnaire is based on a factor analysis of the WPI. This has resulted in a questionnaire of four dimensions with three scales for each of the dimensions:

  • Relational talents
    Relational talents relate to the way in which one deals with the feelings and problems of other people and oneself. These talents are derived from openness, sensitivity and sympathy with others.
  • Guiding Talents
    Guiding talents relate to the capacity to want and be able to give direction to the tasks and development of other people and oneself. They are derived from ambition, influence and autonomy.
  • Initiating Talents
    Initiating talents relate to taking action, contributing original ideas and appreciating one’s own performance.
  • Structuring Talents
    Structuring talents are related to carefulness, striving for quality and the ordering and shaping of work activities. These talents are derived from discipline, deliberateness and structure.

Example graphic representation of results


Example graphic representation of competence indicator



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