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Talent Development Assessment

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The Talent Development Assessment provides insight into professional development. The development-oriented report will be drawn up based on the following tests:


The Talent Development Assessment programme is intended for employees who want to know how they can continue developing themselves, whether in their current position or in another position. The Talent Development Assessment can be used in development programmes, study programme/course orientation, or as a part of the HR cycle. The report can be interpreted easily and should be discussed with the supervisor or an HR(D) consultant.


The report not only provides insight into the candidates’ qualities, but also indicates any pitfalls and drives. Moreover, the candidate’s learning styles are stated and suggestions are made with respect to the appropriate development strategy. Finally, the report contains a number of self-reflective questions for the employee.

Structure of the Talent Development Assessment Report

  1. My talents
  • Qualities and pitfalls
  • Competency indicator
  • Competency analysis
  1. My traits
  • Personal traits
  • Career values
  • Team contributions
  1. My learning style

    4. My development strategy

    5. Action Plan

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