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Quinn Management Roles

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Quinn Management Roles offer insight into a preference for particular management roles and how these roles relate to management objectives in the current job position.
The inventory is based on Robert E. Quinn’s management role theory. This theory identifies eight distinct roles, each driven by conflicting values. A manager or a management team should be able to fulfill each of these roles in order to be effective. The Quinn inventory offers insight into someone’s primary and secondary preferences for these management roles. It also becomes clear which roles are less suited to that person. Quinn argues that a person should be able to assume each of the eight roles in order to become an effective manager.

Quinn Management Roles

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Each role has three related sub-competences that belong to the role. This creates a differentiated picture of management competences. Attention can be paid to these competences during coaching and training sessions.

Linking to objectives
Insight is gained into the roles required by examining the objectives a manager or a management team should reach. An interesting analysis model arises when this is combined with the existing roles: the degree to which a manager or management team is equipped to attain these objectives becomes clear.


This inventory is used during coaching and management training sessions. It is less suitable for selection decisions. The report can provide additional information that can supplement existing information.
It is a particularly suitable instrument for formulating management development objectives. This can be done at an individual or collective level. The ‘Innovator’, for example, can be a theme for the whole group if an organisation wishes to become more innovative as a whole.
When forming management teams, it is useful to examine if all the roles are proportionally represented in the team. This offers interesting opportunities for team coaching. When a team is being expanded, research can indicate the contribution that a new MT member could bring to the team.

Quinn questionnaire as 360 degrees feedback

The Quinn questionnaire is also available as a 360 degrees feedback instrument. It is obviously also interesting to examine how others – colleagues and MT members – experience the way in which the management role is performed.

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