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Employability Scan

Employability is about optimally utilising talents, working healthily and enjoying one's work - today and in the future. Working on employability leads to healthy and enthusiastic employees who add value to the organisation and experience the added value of their work in their own lives. Healthy and enthusiastic employees are more motivated, flexible and effective. Furthermore, this leads to reduced absenteeism and less undesired outflow of staff. This career check is designed to get people to reflect on their own employability.

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The Employability Scan is an easy-to-use instrument that is ideal for identifying career-related issues among employees in order to zoom in on the problem and take timely action. The scan is often used for large groups in order to develop appropriate interventions based on the results of the assessment.


With the help of the e-assessment, questions such as “Am I a passionate employee?", “Where am I in terms of my development?” and “What energises me?” are translated into a report. The report focuses on enthusiasm, personal flexibility, working ability and life-work balance and development.

Enthusiastic employees are energised by the work they do, they are dedicated and engaged and can lose themselves entirely in the task at hand. This is a state of mind that one can experience, rather than a personality trait that they either do or do not possess. Enthusiasm is often linked to a task or topic that one is particularly interested in.

Personal flexibility
Personal flexibility is one's ability to cope with major challenges and changes in their life. These are important characteristics to work on in light of one's employability. Besides insight into these characteristics, we also offer candidates appropriate development tips.

Working ability and balance
The assessment also focuses on one's life-work balance and their ability to cope. Optimising this balance can have a major impact on one's employability. We also offer candidates insight into their working ability, as well as tips on how to positively affect it.

For both the candidate and the consultant, the report contains myriad practical tips and reflection questions to work on. For some, this report will confirm what they already knew, while for others it will offer new insights that they can put to good use!

Example report of the Motivation and Satisfaction section of an Employability Scan



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