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Big 5 Team Contributions

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This questionnaire is based on the WPI and shortened to the five factors of the Big Five theory. This questionnaire provides a standardised score on the five Big Five factors and also one’s primary and secondary team roles (according to the model of Belbin) and one’s team contributions. Filling in this questionnaire takes about 10 minutes. This questionnaire reports on the main structure of the Big Five theory, namely: Altruism; Conscientiousness; Extroversion; Openness; Stability.

Team roles

Based on an analysis of the WPI and the Team Role Questionnaire indicator a mapping has been made of personality for the Team Roles. This predicts which team role they will occupy, based on the personality. The team roles are:

  • Networker: A networker is extrovert, warm and jovial.
  • Coordinator: A coordinator is dominant and extrovert.
  • Quality monitor: A Quality monitor tries to ensure that everything runs to schedule.
  • Doer: A doer is action-oriented. He wants to implement taken decisions immediately.
  • Thinker: A thinker is original, innovative and solution oriented.
  • Monitor: A monitor is critical of proposals or arguments.
  • Team Player: A team player creates ambiance and harmony in the team.
  • Entrepreneur: An entrepreneur is very results oriented, he wants too achieve and win.
  • Specialist: A specialist has extensive knowledge of his own profession and has developed into an expert.

Team Contributions

Team Contributions is an alternative model for Team Work. This is not so much about what ‘role’ you carry out, but about what you contribute to teams. Also here it is expected that the personality will indicate what contribution you tend to deliver.
Whether that is really true in an existing team can be better researched with 360 Degree Feedback. Therefore, the Team Contributions questionnaire is also included in the 360 Toolkit. The Team Contributions are:

  • Leading: Leads meetings, sets goals and encourages team members to achieve these.
  • Cohesion: Ensure consistency and connection in the team.
  • Solutions: Provides solutions to problems and has a creative, original contribution to the team.
  • Organising: Organises the work of the team and is focused on details.
  • Expertise: Brings specific, specialised knowledge and experience to the team.
  • Challenging: Dares to question issues and address risks.
  • Engagement: Is involved in the team, attaches importance to that and is fully committed.
  • Completing: Is focused on completing business, is reliable in finishing their own tasks and the work of others.

Example graph of the results of the Team Contributions



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