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Testing Programmes

21st Century Skills

The 21st Century Skills test programme provides an insight into the knowledge, skills and attitude of an individual in relation to the content areas that have come to the fore in the new millennium.

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  • Factsheet 21st Century Skills

Five questionnaires look at the individual’s cognitive styles, work-related competencies, basic ICT skills, information literacy and level of knowledge of the use of different types of media. It consists of the Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory, a special Career Values Inventory and three questionnaires about digital literacy.


The 21st Century Skills programme can be applied to all issues in an advisory context in which the abovementioned skills required for the 21st century are of importance or need to be assessed. In virtually all occupations, particularly those in the technical and administrative sectors, it is important to have a mastery of the elements that are measured in the 21st Century Skills programme. For example, in the collection, processing, analysis, inventorisation, and careful handling of (large volumes of) data in digital format. The skills are also of great importance for sales and especially marketing roles.


The 21st Century Skills product reports on five different areas.

Basic ICT Skills

The Basic ICT Skills module provides an insight into the extent to which an individual possesses skills and knowledge in respect of the operation of computers. It specifically concerns knowledge of the internet, computer hardware, use of email, operating systems, software security, and use of smartphones and social media.

Information Skills

The Information Skills module provides an insight into the extent to which an individual is able to search for, select, process and use information. Twenty seven items are used to assess the extent to which candidates are competent in the proposal and application of an information strategy and search strategy. Their level of judgement and presentation skills are also examined.

Media Literacy

The Media Literacy module uses 30 items to provide an insight into the extent to which someone is engaged with the media, has an insight into it and understands its impact, and whether they deal with this in a mature manner.

Cognitive Styles

The Cognitive Styles module provides an insight into the extent to which an individual is able to think creatively & critically and how well they can solve problems.

Work-related Competencies

The Work-related Competencies module looks at the competencies of communication, collaboration, socio- cultural skills and self-regulation.

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