Interest L

Interest L is a questionnaire specifically targeting lower secondary school education. The questionnaire helps when mapping interests for fields of study. The most popular courses and descriptions in catalogues of educational institutes formed the basis of this questionnaire, which can be used in the context of study programme choice for lower secondary education levels.

Other interest questionnaires in the Test-Toolkit are the Interest questionnaire for Tasks and Sectors (ITS) and the Interest H questionnaire. The ITS is especially useful for people with some work experience and is mostly used in career coaching situations. The Interest H is a questionnaire to map interests in degree courses and related sectors. 

Interest L scales

Technical studies: Ground, waterway and road construction, Construction and woodwork, Finishing technical studies, Metal and engineering, Electrical engineering, Installation and Refrigeration, Process and Laboratory studies, Vehicle, carrossery and two-wheel studies, Transport and Logistics

Service:Beauty care, Health care, Health studies, Social services

Corporate: Administration, Commercial services, Retail, Fashion and textiles, Hospitality and Facility services