Career Programme Intake

The Career Programme Intake programme combines the Mobility Indicator and Personal Flexibility inventories into one total report.


Career advisors use the Career Programme Intake at the start of a career to determine the chance of success and pave the way to ensure the chance of success increases. This is relevant in the event of internal mobility, reintegration and outplacement. In addition, it offers opportunities to set up a career program by making use of a candidate’s stronger side, or paying extra attention to his weaker aspects.

Mobility Indicator

The Mobility Indicator offers insight into a candidate’s actual and potential mobility on the labour market. Amongst others, it maps if someone is looking at or moving with the labour market and the degree to which people feel attached to their current job or are drawn by the appeal of an alternative.

  • Appeal of another job position
  • General satisfaction
  • Added value in terms of content
  • Added value in terms of relationship management
  • Financial added value
  • Clarity of objectives
  • Satisfaction guaranteed?
  • Job interview activity

Personal Flexibility

Personal Flexibility offers insight into the personality traits important to dealing with change.

  • Change orientation
  • Social initiative
  • Energy levels
  • Self-confidence
  • Locus of control
  • Emotional resilience