Agile Mindset Assessment

The Agile Mindset Assessment provides insight into a candidate’s adaptability in the workplace, based on their personality and career priorities. The assessment comprises the following combination of validated and reliable tests:

To ascertain what kind of Agile Mindset a candidate has, the Diffusion of Innovations model is used as developed by Evert Rogers in 1965. From a high to a low Agile Mindset, the possible forms are, respectively: Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority, Late Majority and Laggards.

Graphic illustration of Agile Mindset (Diffusion of Innovations model, Rogers)


Een Agile Mindset: onmisbaar voor een wendbare organisatie

A study of the literature shows that a number of properties determine to what degree people are able to adapt to change. These properties have been combined into three pillars: Power, Change and Growth. Power describes to what degree a candidate has the energy to deal with change. Change shows to what degree a candidate embraces change. Growth reflects to what degree a candidate wishes to continue growing.


This Assessment provides extensive reporting of a candidate’s Agile Mindset. A candidate’s Agile Mindset is shown in a figure. This figure is followed by a detailed description of the mindset, with the associated qualities and pitfalls. The candidate’s scores are then shown and described for each of the pillars. It shows which elements the pillar consists of and what the candidate’s characteristic properties are. Each of the pillars is also followed by a tip to give the candidate greater insight into where his or her possible pitfalls and qualities lie. The candidate can use these tips to work on his or her adaptability.


The Agile Mindset Assessment can be used by internal and external career advisers, from the self-employed to major organisations. It may be used for selection  and also offers reference points for further developing the candidate.

The report of the Agile Mindset Assessment may also be requested as a report at the Competence Test Selection (comprising the WPV-I and CW-I) upon payment of extra credits.