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ACT General Intelligence Adaptive intelligence measurement with 3 different subtests
Adaptive Career Scan Provides insight into the questions: who am I, what do I want and what can I do.
Adaptive Career Values Inventory High-quality testing – three times faster with the adaptive version of the questionnaire
Adaptive Interests Questionnaire High-quality testing – three times faster with the adaptive version of the questionnaire
Adaptive Work-related Personality Inventory High-quality testing – three times faster with the adaptive version of the questionnaire
Agile Mindset Assessment Provides insight into a candidate’s adaptability.
Barista The psychometric game 'Barista' is a game-based test measuring emotion recognition.
Big 5 Team Contributions Short overview of personality, team roles & team contributions
Blocks The psychometric game 'Blocks' is a game-based test measuring planning.
Career Programme Intake Determine the chance of success of career consulting
Career Scan Provides insight into personality, motivation and competences.
Career Values (CV) The Career Values (CV) inventory provides insight into someone’s motivators.
Categories Measure abstract reasoning skills, using visual information.
Communication Styles Inventory Offers insight in communication, personality and motivation.
Competence Test Selection An integral test process intended specifically for personnel selection purposes.
Connect The psychometric game 'Connect' is a game-based test measuring planning.
Counting Blocks Measures the abstract analytical ability and spatial skills.
Digit Sets Digit Sets measure the numerical analytical insight.
Dilemmas Measures integrity: what kind of choices are made in difficult situations?
Divergent Thinking This creativity test measures the ability to innovate, or the capacity to solve problems.
Editorial Sums Editorial sums measure the ability to solve practical maths problems.
Figure Sets This test measures abstract analytical capacity.
Figure Sets L This test provides insight into abstract problem solving and analytical abilities.
Flow Charts Flow charts measure the ability to apply existing rules to new problems.
HBO/WO Selection Selection programme especially applicable for higher capacity level.
Interest L Interest L is a questionnaire specifically targeting lower secondary school education.
Interest Questionnaire for Tasks and Sectors (ITS) Especially useful for people with some work experience, mostly used in career coaching.
Interest Questionnaire H Interests for certain courses of studies and professions on higher education level.
Leadership Assessment Gives an impression of a person's aptitude towards different leadership styles.
Logical reasoning Logical Reasoning measures the ability to reach logical conclusions
Mobility Indicator Primarily used for career consultancy and in studies on employee mobility.
Moral Values Provides insight into underlying values ​​that are relevant to integrity.
Mosaics Mosaics measures spatial awareness.
Non-Verbal Analogies Non-verbal analogies measure abstract reasoning ability.
Numeracy Skills Numeracy Skills measure the ability to perform calculations.
Nurse Selection To select good (student) nurses and to prevent the dropout of student nurses.
Personal Flexibility (PF) Maps personal traits that are important when dealing with significant change.
Personality Colours provides insight into the personality of a candidate and what it will be like to work with him
Quinn Management Roles Shows someone's preference for management styles
Rally The psychometric game 'Rally' is a game-based test measuring response inhibition and response ...
Reaction Time and Concentration Test Measures speed of reaction and ability to concentrate.
Reduced Cultural Sensitivity test programme (RCS) Intelligence test programme for culturally diverse groups
Sales Assessment A comprehensive test programme intended for selection assessment for sales positions.
Selective Choice Reaction Time Test This test measures reaction speed when a specific reaction is required.
Sentences The Sentences test measures the command of the Dutch language.
SJT Leadership Shows the leadership style and qualities of a candidate.
Talent Development Assessment Used in development programmes, study programme/course orientation, or as part of the HR cycle...
Talent Spectrum Short personality test that offers insight into a number of important personality traits.
Team Leadership Competence Questionnaire To map a manager’s leadership style, competences and motivation.
Team Role Indicator Provides insight into the personal preference role or roles within a team.
Thinking Styles Short questionnaire that maps the preferred thinking styles of team members.
Verbal Analogies Verbal analogies measure verbal analytical insight.
Verbal Analogies L Verbal analogies measure verbal analytical insight.
Words The Words test measures if somebody is good at spelling.
Work-related Personality Inventory Complete personality questionnaire that can be applied in both selection and advice procedures...