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Recruitment tests

Recruitment tests are used when selecting staff with the help of Assessments or Selection surveys. Combining these tests makes it possible to gain insight into a candidate’s stronger and weaker characteristics, enabling a better decision-making process.


Choose your recruitment tests

For yourself:

It is useful to practise when you want to prepare for a selection test. During rehearsal, the focus is on intelligence tests. The chance is remote that you will be given the same test during a real assessment. It is therefore more important to learn how to handle the test, than to learn a specific test by heart or to take a large number of tests.

HERE you can read more about how to prepare for a test.

For your clients:

The Ixly Test-Toolkit offers HR advisors and psychologists access to a broad range of qualitative questionnaires. You gain a solid impression of a candidate through a combination of personality tests and intelligence tests. For the bigger picture, the Test-Toolkit also offers a range of extra tests.

Professional Career Choice Tests

  • Solid Theoretical Grounding
  • Reliable and Valid
  • Broad Standard Groups
  • Broad Package of Recruitment Tests
  • Affordable Quality

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