Using the Process-Toolkit is easy. Structure processes the way you want to, without the need for IT experts. Some key features of this web application:

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Easily design and assign processes yourself. Consider all the steps your participants have to go through and create an attractive layout for them.

The convenient task list allows you to easily keep track of your own tasks and always keeps you updated on what has yet to be done.

Directly communicate with your participant during every step of the process via conveniently integrated chat boxes.

Easily add your styling and branding to your processes and web environment.

Share files with your participant, or have your participant upload files, for example a CV or (completed) assignment.

Integrate a test or questionnaire from the Test-Toolkit into the process for your participant to complete.

Keep a log for the process, or enable your participant to keep one.

Implement inspirational videos or other audio-visual materials.

Try out all options yourself.